Seeking Compensation After An Injury

Injuries strike in seconds, and you are almost always at risk: At the store, at home, at work, or just going out for a jog. You always face risks. Do you know what your rights are?

Here at the Law Offices of Philip M. Tobin in San Jose, California, we can help. When you suffer an injury and find yourself facing lost wages, medical bills and lasting medical complications, you need an experienced personal injury attorney. Mr. Tobin has been doing this for 40 years. With millions recovered for our clients, we know how to put you first. We fight for your rights regardless of the type of injury, the cost of those medical bills, your immigration status, or anything else. You are always our first priority.

Types Of Personal Injury Cases

Many people think of motor vehicle accidents first, but we also work on:

These incidents may be far more common than you realize. For instance, did you know that there are 4.5 million dog bites annually in America? Another way to look at that is that one person out of every 72 individuals in the United States will suffer a bite, and about one out of every five of those will get infected.

Or, did you know that falls cause 35 percent of traumatic brain injuries in the United States? That's the largest percentage by a wide margin. Vehicle accidents come in second at just 16 percent. Traumatic brain injuries can often lead to life-long complications, and people struggle with memory, motor skills, personality changes and much more. Many can never work again or see their earning potential decrease dramatically.

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