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Is distracted driving still a problem on California roads?

Californians spend a great deal of time commuting and dealing with traffic jams. But sometimes, when you're driving down the freeway, it looks like motorists are doing everything behind the wheel except driving.

You see people eating, drinking, grooming and, despite California's ban on talking on hand-held devices while driving, using cellphones. The problem is that when your mind, eyes and hands aren't fully occupied with the task of driving, all of those distractions can create dangerous hazards.

What factors lead to trucking accidents?

Trucks are a common site on highways and interstates. They are an important part of our economy, carrying goods from place to place to meet the demands of the growing population. Although these vehicles are essential to society, they can pose a serious risk to motorists.

Trucking accidents of all kinds cause some of the greatest devastation seen on today’s highways. Because of their large size and heavy weight, it makes sense that these accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries or death. Understanding the factors that cause accidents with these 80,000-pound vehicles may help reduce the number of accidents that happen.

What Rights Do Texas Grandparents Have?

1516658-blog103.jpgCertainly, nobody can deny that grandparents play an essential role in the life of a growing child. With grandparents, children grow strong bonds and build memories that will last for years to come. In fact, many states are beginning to acknowledge the necessity for legal rights for grandparents. Texas is one of these states.
Are you uncertain if you can file for grandparent rights? Not sure if you should file a suit claiming you deserve visitation? This guide will help you better understand your rights as a grandparent in Texas.

4 Advantages of Analyzing Your Finances Before Divorce

1500380-blog.jpgDivorce settles four main issues: division of marital assets, spousal support, child custody, and child support. A large part of divorce revolves around dividing the assets you and your spouse acquired during your marriage. All too often, spouses analyze their finances and start planning their financial future after the divorce is settled. If you're considering filing for divorce, then it's wise to analyze your finances before your divorce. Consider these four compelling reasons why enlisting the help of a financial planner can be of major benefit.

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