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What factors lead to trucking accidents?

Trucks are a common site on highways and interstates. They are an important part of our economy, carrying goods from place to place to meet the demands of the growing population. Although these vehicles are essential to society, they can pose a serious risk to motorists.

Trucking accidents of all kinds cause some of the greatest devastation seen on today’s highways. Because of their large size and heavy weight, it makes sense that these accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries or death. Understanding the factors that cause accidents with these 80,000-pound vehicles may help reduce the number of accidents that happen.

Driver error

Aside from the physical limitations of an 18-wheeler, there are other factors that can lead to truck accidents. A minor lapse in judgment can result in devastating circumstances. Truck drivers are often operating within a system of compensation that encourages them to driver faster and for longer periods of time. They can become drowsy which may impair their driving skills.

Studies have found that most of trucking accidents are at the fault of the passenger vehicle driver and not the trucker. This calls for a need to improve how we are sharing the roads with trucks.

Vehicle maintenance

Maintaining the wear and tear of the truck is important when drivers are traveling thousands of miles every day. Trucking companies should maintain hydraulic brakes, tires, and other equipment on the vehicle.

Weather conditions

Bad weather can be very dangerous if the trucker is not properly trained and prepared to drive is the conditions. Truckers need to travel at the speed appropriate for the weather.


The tires of a truck can blow if there is too large of a load. The truck could jackknife and tip over due to too much weight. This is dangerous for everyone involved.

Though accidents are inevitable, educating ourselves about the factors that can lead to trucking accidents may help reduce the number of accidents. 

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