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What is defensive driving?

Being a safe, responsible driver should be a concern of all who share California roads. In this case, defensive driving skills are extremely helpful. Not only will defensive driving help keep you and your passengers safe, it can also help new drivers prevent accidents from occurring. offers the following tips on how you can be a safer driver.

Keep a safe distance

It’s recommended that you keep a three to four-second window when following other vehicles. This ensures you have enough time to react should another driver behave erratically or stop without prior warning. You may want to expand this window when driving conditions are poor. For instance, bad weather usually entails driving below the posted speed limit because of decreased visibility and slick roads.

Remain alert and aware

While drunk driving is universally derided, many people are not aware of the risks of driving while drowsing. Fatigued driving is also associated with accidents, as your reaction response time may be impacted if you’re driving while drowsy. If you’re going on a long trip, make sure you take breaks as necessary to prevent fatigue from setting in. When driving day-to-day, getting enough sleep the night before is crucial.

Don’t drive distracted

Much like drunk driving or driving while fatigued, distracted driving can also be dangerous. Along with texting and driving, motorists should also be wary of other distractions. These include carrying on a conversation with passengers, adjusting the radio or GPS, or even eating while driving. Something like daydreaming can also be hazardous, particularly for those new to driving (such as teens).

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