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Seat belts can save your life in a collision with a semi-truck

On any given day, tractor-trailer trucks line California freeways and secondary roads. While they are a vital part of the economy, they can also be hazardous when the driver suffers from fatigue or distraction. At The Law Offices of Philip M. Tobin, we often represent clients seriously injured in a collision with a big rig.

According to LiveStrong, while airbags and seat belts can prevent serious injuries in a collision with another vehicle, they also create injuries of their own that are not always obvious. Watching for symptoms in the days following an accident is crucial in identifying and treating the injury:

  • Weakness in the legs can result from damage in the spinal nerves, abdomen or lower back. General feelings of weakness or dizziness can also indicate internal organ damage or shock.
  • Blood in your stool or urine may signal damage to the bladder or urinary tract, occurring when the pressure of the seat belt compresses those areas in an accident. Vomiting or coughing up blood could mean you have a respiratory tract injury or lung damage.
  • Abdominal pain and pain between the hips and ribs where the lap strap rests might be the result of kidney damage. If not treated, the injury can lead to infections, delayed bleeding and kidney failure.
  • Difficulty breathing after an accident may signal heart or lung damage.
  • Neck stiffness requires monitoring. While it could be whiplash, it may also indicate a spinal injury.

Semi-trucks weigh 20 to 30 times more than most passenger vehicles. Wearing seat belts can save your life in an accident, but that does not mean you walk away unscathed. The jolt from the collision can cause severe bodily damage to you and your passengers. If driver or trucking company negligence causes the accident, you may have grounds for a claim. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic. 

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