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Factors that impact injuries in car wrecks

People who are involved in car wrecks can suffer from a variety of injuries. When they go in for medical care after the crash, the nurses and doctors will look into the type of impact that took place to determine what injuries are most likely.

While most individuals look at the wreck as one single impact, the medical staff will look at three separate impacts that are intertwined.

  • Impact of objects: This includes the vehicle and whatever it came into contact with. This can be another car or something like a tree or roadside barrier.
  • Impact of the body: This includes whatever the body hits, as well as the location on the body that is hit. In many vehicle accidents, a person will hit the dashboard, the steering wheel or windows.
  • Impact of the organs: Even though you can't see it, the violent jerk that comes with a car wreck forces the organs to move around. They can slam against the supporting or protective structures. An example of this is the brain slamming against the skull, which can cause bruising or other damage to the brain.

Location of the impact and seating position

Knowing the location of the vehicle that was struck and where the patient was in the vehicle can help doctors to know what probable injuries need to be checked for. For example, in a head-on crash, front seat passengers might have head injuries from hitting the steering wheel or dashboard. In a rear-end crash, the victims might have neck injuries from the head flinging back and forth.

Evaluations can unearth other injuries

The medical care team will need to remember that other injuries are also possible in car wrecks. Broken bones, pulled muscles and lacerations are all possible. Doctors must keep an open mind when they are checking a patient after a car wreck since not everyone's body will respond the same to the force of a crash.

Some injuries, such as neck and head injuries, might not be evident right away. Anyone who is involved in a crash should pay close attention to how they are feeling in the days and weeks after the accident. If there are any signs that something is amiss, they should visit their doctor for another evaluation.

It can take a long time to heal from the effects of a car wreck, so your entire life might be impacted. More serious injuries can mean that you can't work and that you are unable to enjoy life. Your finances might also be impacted. This may lead you to seek compensation for the accident.

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