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How can I stay safe during long road trip?

A road trip is a perfect way to see the great state of California. Along with planning for fun and adventure, you'll also need to take some steps to ensure your road trip is as safe as possible. Nationwide offers the following safety tips so you and your passengers remain secure no matter where you end up. 

A road trip is all about enjoying the experience. That's why rest breaks are so important. It's recommended that drivers stop at least every two hours when making a long journey by car. Think about your route and when the best time to make these mandatory rest stops might be. For instance, if there are attractions you're interested in seeing, try to plan your rest breaks around those. You should also stop for meals and bathroom breaks as needed. 

If you're traveling with kids, make sure they have enough to entertain them on the journey. Children can be a distraction when driving, and much like other distractions, they can make you break concentration and use poor judgment. Supply your kids with books, games, and even mobile devices to keep boredom at bay while driving, which also ensures that you're not needlessly distracted. If you must attend to your children's needs, be sure to stop in a safe area to do so if another passenger is not available to help.

Lastly, never drive drowsy. Drowsy driving impairs ability similar to driving while intoxicated and can lead to devastating consequences as a result. Make sure you get plenty of sleep the nights before you're set out to leave. Also, be aware that drivers are often the most drowsy between the hours of one and three pm. If possible, try to schedule a break for this time so you're refreshed before getting back on the road. 

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