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Can you trust an insurance company after an accident?

If you're part of a car accident, even one in which you don't suffer a serious injury, you'll find yourself in contact with your insurance company in the near future. It's easy to believe that your agent is on your side, but this isn't always the case.

Don't put too much trust in your insurance company and agency, as doing so can lead you to make mistakes that stop you from receiving all the compensation you deserve.

Since you need to work closely with your insurance company, it's imperative to take steps to protect yourself and your legal rights. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Review your policy: Before you contact your agent, review your policy to gain a better understanding of your coverage and what's owed to you. This goes a long way in preventing a situation in which your insurer attempts to take advantage of you.
  • Consult with an attorney: Even if you have a good relationship with your agent, you can't trust that they'll do what's best for you. They'll always have the best interest of their business and their company in mind. By consulting with an attorney, you show that you're serious about receiving compensation as outlined in your policy. Professional help also prevents you from making an error.
  • Don't sign anything: Your insurance company may leap into action by asking you to sign a release or waiver. Don't put pen to paper until you share the document with your attorney.
  • Don't accept the first offer: For example, your insurance company may send you a check marked as final payment, hoping that you accept the offer and move on. As much as you want to put this chapter of your life in the past, rushing to accept an offer can cost you money.

This isn't to say that all insurance companies and agents are dishonest. It's simply meant to show that you must protect your legal rights, as your insurance company isn't on your side.

If you're injured in a car accident, file a claim and take the process one step at a time. By consulting with a personal injury attorney, you'll have a legal team on your side to guide you through the process and protect your legal rights.

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