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Facial scarring due to a pedestrian accident

Pedestrian accidents can lead to many consequences for victims, whether they lose their lives or struggle with immobility that will affect them permanently. However, there are many other potential concerns for pedestrians who are struck by victims, even if they are fortunate to survive a brutal accident without any major issues regarding mobility or broken bones. For example, a victim may sustain facial scarring due to impact with the vehicle that struck them or after hitting their head on the ground. Sadly, these scars can be devastating in more than one way.

How can I cope with post-injury depression?

Car accidents involving pedestrians can result in severe and sometimes debilitating injuries. Along with significant physical effects, people with serious injuries may also experience depression or other mental health issues, and these can get in the way of the recovery process. To help you cope after an accident, Thrive Global offers the following advice.

Learning these pedestrian safety tips can protect you

Whether you are walking in a high-traffic area or through your neighborhood, walking in areas where there are motorists in California means that you are vulnerable to being hit, especially if you are not paying attention or if a driver does not notice you. At The Law Offices of Philip M. Toban, we have helped many victims of motor vehicle collisions throughout their recovery and efforts to get compensation for their injuries. 

What is the right of way for pedestrians?

The roadways in California are a shared space. They see not only traffic from passenger and commercial vehicles but also pedestrians. Everyone on the roadways needs to obey the law and watch out for each other to avoid accidents. As a pedestrian, you should know and understand the right of way rules as explained by California Legislative Information.

Tips on driving safely in school zones

With school back in session in San Jose, many drivers are finding themselves driving in areas teeming with kids on their way to and from school. School-aged children have a habit of crossing the road carelessly and otherwise disobeying traffic regulations, which can lead to devastating injuries if motorists are caught unaware. That’s why it’s up to each individual driver to play his or her part to preserve the safety of children in school zones.

Tips on sharing the road with bicyclists

In California, it's not uncommon for drivers to encounter bicyclists on the road. Due to lack of protection, people riding bikes have a greater risk of sustaining a serious injury should they be involved in a crash. That's why drivers must take certain steps, which will preserve the safety of everyone. The following are just a few tips on how you can safely the share the road with bicyclists.

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